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Welcome to Executive S&P, your go-to provider for Customized Security Services in Central Florida. Whether you need residential or corporate security, our tailored solutions ensure the utmost protection for your business and personal needs. Trust in our Customized Security Services to keep what’s important to you safe and secure.

Security guard standing inside a commercial building nearby the window reflecting light while providing customized security services in Central, FL.


Comprehensive security solutions for residential and commercial properties.

A security guard standing watch while providing customized security services in Central, FL.


Professional and discreet private investigation services at your disposal.

A security guard standing watch while providing customized security services in Central, FL.

Personal Protection

Reliable personal protection services for your peace of mind.

Who We Are

Customized Security in Central FL

Providing comprehensive security and protection for all your assets, our team includes trained security guards and armed officers. Therefore, you can trust us with your security needs.

Our Services

Customized Security Services

From personal protection to commercial security, we offer a wide range of Customized Security Services tailored to your specific needs.

Personal Protection

We offer personal protection services with a focus on ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Commercial Security

We provide top-notch security services for commercial properties, ensuring your business is safe and secure.

Security Consulting

Our security consulting services are designed to provide you with the best security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our Journey

Trusted by 750+ happy customers who are using our customized security Services since 2001

We have been providing reliable and professional security services since 2001, earning the trust of over 750 satisfied clients.

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We Are Qualified & Professional

Security Guaranteed

We guarantee your security with our highly trained and experienced security personnel.

Modern Equipment

We use modern and advanced equipment to provide the best security services.

High Quality Services

We are committed to providing high-quality security services that meet your needs.

Years of Experience

With years of experience in providing Customized Security Services, we guarantee your security with our highly trained personnel, modern equipment, and high-quality services.


What Our Client Said

This Company Very Favorably Impressed With The Quality Of The Work Performed By Your Employees

Our clients appreciate the quality of our work and the professionalism of our employees.

Roseanne Alex
We Ready 24 Hours For You

Our Protection Is Always There 24 Hours

Our security services are available 24/7 to ensure your safety at all times.