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Armed Security

Making the decision to employ armed security officers should be approached with careful consideration. Before opting for armed officers, it is important to take into account the following factors:

  1. Expectations for security in relation to the institution’s culture and environment, especially if it serves at-risk populations such as students or the mentally ill.

  2. Exploring alternatives to weapons, Executive Security and Protection trains its armed security personnel in a range of safety options. They are educated on the use of force continuum, from non-lethal approaches to potential lethal responses.

  3. Assessing the economic impact of adding weapons to your security force. Armed positions generally come with higher market wages, and there are additional costs to consider, such as insurance, equipment, training, licensing, and regulatory fees.

  4. Considering the legal implications that incidents involving weapons may have on your business. It is crucial to have clear procedures for weapon tracking, guidelines on when and how to use weapons, policies for incident reporting, and compliance with local, state, and federal laws governing the training and licensing of armed security officers.

At Executive Security and Protection, we have made substantial investments in developing comprehensive lethal and non-lethal weapons programs to ensure that our armed officers meet the highest quality standards.

Similar to our unarmed personnel, our armed officers at Executive Security and Protection undergo rigorous selection, recruitment, and training processes. They also receive specialized training from certified trainers. Following the use of force continuum endorsed by law enforcement professionals and legal experts, our officers are trained to employ a progressive series of actions appropriate to each situation, rather than resorting to the most aggressive response by default. Through training and reinforcement, our officers develop the necessary confidence to handle situations in an appropriate and effective manner.

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